Enjoy the taste of oak barrel aged Sake and western dishes of your choice

《"ORBIA" Sake is specifically designed to be enjoyed non-Japanese dishes》
Unique strength in well-structured body and aroma

With a strong passion of spreading the greatness of Sake around the world, WAKAZE now introduces Japanese Sake that pairs well with western dishes. Compared to Japanese, western cuisines generally have stronger flavors and savory tastes. ORBIA, with their well-structured body and impressive aroma, guarantees you with a balanced marriage with your table and Sake.

《3 Features of ORBIA》
The sourness and sweetness from oak wine barrels
add Body and Character that give it the ORBIA brand it’s Rich Aroma

ORBIA is a set of Sake produced with themes of well-structured body as well as strong aroma.
This innovative feature of our Sake can only be made from a delicate combination of sourness and sweetness from oak barrels.
  1. Well-structured body from sourness and sweetness
    Two flavors of original in rice - sourness and sweetness amazingly matches well with heavy and savory dishes.
  2. Balanced mildness and roundness
    The sour taste and sweetness from rice becomes surprisingly smooth and mild, after being aged in an Oak Barrel.
  3. Strong aroma from Oak barrel
    Oak barrel used for wines gives Sake its unique fruity fragrance. Roasted inner barrel adds nuances of vanilla and honey inviting you to a deeper and richer taste.

《2 Lines in "ORBIA"》
SOL for sourness and LUNA for sweetness

ORBIA has two lineups : SOL and LUNA, known as the Sun and the Moon in latin, represent the sour and sweet taste of our Sake. With the contrast between the Sun and the Moon, ORBIA brings the new era of ancient art of Japanese Sake.

ORBIA combines the world "ORBIS" - meaning world in Latin and the sound of "A" - suggesting harmony or "Wa" in Japanese. Latin was chosen as its borderlessness and universality. (Both size 500ml)

  • SOL

    SOLs rich sourness and fruity aroma is inviting you to taste the warmth of the Sun

    Meaning "the Sun" in latin, SOL entertains you with it's complexity of sourness and fruitiness from rice.

    It's acid level is 10 times more than sake and yet has a mild round taste.
    The oaky taste from red wine barrels add depth from sun dried fruits.
    Making SOL well suited for strongly flavored dishes such as sautéed pork with a balsamic sauce.
Flavor10 times higher sourness than sake with a mild and round taste from barrel aging
AromaFresh and rich fruitiness from red wine barrel aging
Suggested DishesSavory and flavored dishes such as sautéed pork with balsamic sauce
CharacteristicsAlcohol : 14.6% / Acidity : 9.6 / Amino Acid Level : 4.3 / Sake Metre Value : -36
IngredientSake Rice: Fusa no mai(Chiba, Japan) / Malt : Yellow malt / Yeast : Kyokai No. 7(Bubbling yeast)
Uniqueness in productionKouon Yamahai Ichidan-jikomi (traditional method of using yamahai-moto), Oak barrel aging
  • LUNA

    LUNAs delicate sweetness and lasting harmony is pleasing for a night under an elegant moonlight

    Meaning "the moon" in latin, LUNA is recognized for its delicate sweetness: it’s high sugar level is balanced by it’s citrus undertones. Aged in white wine barrels, the fragrance of honey and vanilla spreads in your mouth after your first sip.

    Well suited with Foie gras, or dishes with brown butter sauce. Gently blends in with some dishes with relatively sweet and savory dishes.
FlavorRich and deep sweetness, Freshing citric acid, Mild and round touch from barrel aging
AromaHoney and vanilla fragnance from white wine barrel aging
Suggested DishesCreemy and sweet dishes such as salmon meunière with brown butter sauce
CharacteristicsAlcoho : 15.5% / Acidity : 3.4 / Amino Acid Level : 1.1 / Sake Metre Value : -44
IngredientSake Rice : Sake no Hana、Yuki Gesho (Shonai area, Yamagata, Japan) / Malt : Yellow and White Malt / Yeast : Kyokai No.7 (Non-bubbling yeast)
Uniqueness in productionKijoshu (Traditional method to brewe with sake instead of water), Oak barrel aging